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VTP Wholesale VoIP Provider offers Standard and Premium quality routing plans. We suggest our customers using the Standard product, in case they have the least cost routing features integrated into their switching system, while our Platinum routing plans – Platinum and Standard, ensure excellent VoIP route quality at the lowest possible rates.
We guarantee CLI, Non CLI DTMF delivery support for 90 % of destinations. The customer is free to choose the authorization type by inserting a static real IP address or using the automatically generated username and password for SIP registration Upon registration, customers gain total control of their VoIP account settings, which means they can add, edit and delete source IP addresses and change the username and password for SIP registration.
Customers can both view and download online CDRs for the last 3 months in a CSV file. Monthly detailed invoices are also available to view and download as a PDF file. Sign up for free and check out all the advantages VTP offers to its customers.

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We provide prepaid VoIP termination at top quality and rates, thanks to interconnections with more than 100 carriers worldwide. we offer one of the better quality VoIP termination services at reasonably low rates. Since we have interconnected with multiple other termination providers, we can guarantee the lowest possible rates to any destination.

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